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IDGAF: Shayna Baszler Puts An Annoying WWE Fan In Their Place

Some WWE fans appear to be living in a continuous loop of 1984. Then WWE TV was a PG as you can get .....

Don’t Laugh: Brandi Rhodes Is AEW’s Chief Brand Officer

It’s obvious that wrestling is extremely male identified and women typically don’t advance to high level executive positions unless there is nepotism involved.

What are the chances of Vince McMahon promoting Stephanie to be his second in command if she wasn’t his daughter ? Steph also happens to be CBO for the WWE. And Dixie Carter used her daddy as her ATM for years to bankroll TNA until he pulled the plug. We know being married to Cody Rhodes (Exec Vice Pres at AEW & Wrestler) is the main reason Brandi Rhodes was hired as Chief Brand Officer for All Elite Wrestling but if you read her take on things, it’s based off of merit.


Brandi seems to be a wee bit defense when blackwrestlingalliance.com asked about her qualifications, because she felt the need to rattle off her entire resume 

A lot of people don’t know my background. When you get upset about something, do your research before you get upset about things … But you know, I have degrees in communications and journalism. I had full rank scholarship to the University of Michigan, which anybody in the north will tell you, I don’t know anyone that has had that at the University of Michigan, which tells you that I was a stand-up student. So, being able to have that and scholarships at the University of Miami, like I said, I’ve studied journalism, I’ve been in the media … I was a reporter, I’ve been an anchor, [and] self-produced writer. I’ve had a lot of experience in a lot of stuff that comes in the direction.


Brandi is also aware of those who have said that there has to be someone that is more qualified ..

I do see things like people saying ‘There are people more qualified.’ Really? I’d love to see them. Someone who has this much wrestling experience and able to do all sides to the job. Sure, there are people who have worked in corporate America for many more years than me, but they have to have the wrestling bones in order for this to work. That’s why a lot of times they are more familiar with entertainment but not familiar with sports. Had a great career there but when they come here they’re like a fish out of water.”


Brandi truly got the last laugh. There is no way in hell she would have gotten the opportunities she eventually seized if she would have stayed in the WWE twiddling her thumbs backstage, wondering when she was going to get put on TV.

She took lemons and made chocolate cake and probably has all of the haters who f*cked with her when she 1st came in the business, wondering how she did it. If Stephanie isn’t apologetic being Vince’s daughter and CBO, Brandi shouldn’t have to explain anything being Cody’s wife. 

Link To Brandi’s Interview


Here is another interview, where it’s clear she knows how to handle questioning as CBO 


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