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IDGAF: Shayna Baszler Puts An Annoying WWE Fan In Their Place

Some WWE fans appear to be living in a continuous loop of 1984. Then WWE TV was a PG as you can get .....

Evening Shade: Nikki & John, Randy Orton, Jojo Offerman..Etc

I know, I know …it’s a pic of Miz and Maryse but it’s really about Nikki & John.

In light of John Cena lying about being a hater .. let’s press the rewind button and go back to SmackDown right before WM 33. Remember when John & Nikki kept harping on the fact that Maryse is standing right there .. which proves that Nikki never tried to block her return.

Of course Nikki has 0 issue with her former frenemy Maryse being in the WWE again – she is no longer a threat to her. Nikki is engaged to the #1 guy in the company and has not one but two shows on E! & is the longest reigning Divas champ. I bet it gives Nikki satisfaction that Maryse hasn’t really done much – which is why it’s no coincidence that Nikki made a “I’m the boss over you” move when she was named one of the producers of Total Divas after Maryse came to the show.

randy orton looks old pic

Last week our favorite insufferable aging f*ck boy Randy Orton told his “the moment I knew I was old” story on Table for 3.

But followers of Randy’s f*ckboy shenanigans are well aware that he started to age like a banana right after hooked up with a certain New Yawk sewer rat. And why in the hell was Randy sitting at a table with our favorite drunk uncle Ric Flair & Bruno Sammartino? That is like Ivanka Trump sitting in on a working woman summit. The jokes write themselves in both cases because Randy and Ivanka know damn well they didn’t really work to get opportunities .. like a lot of wrestlers & real working women.


jojo instagram

If anyone has taken a peak at Jojo’s Insta – you know that it is full pics of her basically doing the same ass out side pose backstage.

But if one reads what’s above that you will see that Jojo took the time to write that she is Mexican and Dominican. It’s ok Jojo – I believe we see what you did there. You probably don’t want anyone EVER thinking that you are African-American or Black…because anyone that follows history is fully aware of how proud Dominicans are of their African roots *massive sarcasm*


What in the hell is up with Dolph Ziggler & his attraction to dolls.

He smashed Amy Schumer – who looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll & he recently got caught up with another women who shall not be named, who looks like a blow up doll. She says she doesn’t remember their sex session but Dolph did. And that puss probably smelled like salmon croquettes..which is why he avoided you after that.

dolph ziggler blow up doll

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