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IDGAF: Shayna Baszler Puts An Annoying WWE Fan In Their Place

Some WWE fans appear to be living in a continuous loop of 1984. Then WWE TV was a PG as you can get .....

Fact: Nia Jax Is Annoying As Hell On Twitter

Nia Jax is annoying and easily triggered. She feels the need to respond to almost every insult or perceived slight thrown her way on Twitter.

If she put as much effort into polishing her wrestling skills as she does responding to Twitter fonts, she would be wayy better in the ring. But being related to The Rock has given her license to not only be the the equivalent of fingernails on the chalk board but to act totally oblivious to the fact that she is a botch machine.

Yesterday a WWE fan threw out the bait on Twitter (with the sign pictured above) & it didn’t take long for Nia to bite.


Nia was doing the absolute most with her responses, which reeks of insecurity. Umm a lot of people get paid for their jobs Nia. But it doesn’t automatically mean they are good at what they do … hint hint.


Another fan had to point out that actual sign was photo shopped …which goes to show how easy it is to push Nia’s buttons

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