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IDGAF: Shayna Baszler Puts An Annoying WWE Fan In Their Place

Some WWE fans appear to be living in a continuous loop of 1984. Then WWE TV was a PG as you can get .....

Stupid Ass Dave Bautista is Trying To Sabotage His Career

The steroids that Dave Bautista took must be liquefying his brain cells because he has lost his damn mind. He appears to be hellbent on burning his bridges with Disney.

As we all know by now .. Disney cancelled the Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn due to disgusting tweets. And they were also the ones that gave Dave a job when the WWE Universe made it loud and clear that they didn’t want to see him anymore.

Soo Bautista is totally biting the hand that feeds him by threatening to quit Guardians of the Galaxy if Gunn’s script isn’t used.

Dave must be reading the How To Sabotage Your Career for Dummies manual because Disney can get any unknown muscle head out of 24 hour Fitness – spray some makeup on him and have him play Drax.

Also Bautista worked for the WWE – he should know better than anyone how phony people can be. He is risking all of that Disney money for someone who likely would not do the same for him.

If the shoe was on the other foot .. would James Gunn leave millions on the table to prove a point ??? I think we know the answer to that. And will Dave continue his ranting after reports surfaced of Gunn attending pedo parties hmmm… pump your breaks Bautista.


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