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IDGAF: Shayna Baszler Puts An Annoying WWE Fan In Their Place

Some WWE fans appear to be living in a continuous loop of 1984. Then WWE TV was a PG as you can get .....

Table For 3: Superstar Wives – 5 Things To Know

If you watched Table For 3 featuring the wives of Matt Hardy, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle, it was apparent right away that the star of the episode was Reby Hardy. She was the definite alpha female of the group – who didn’t hesitate to let the viewers know she has some self awareness regarding how ridiculous she acts on social media at times. The episode would have fell flat without her.

If you don’t feel like reading, I can sum up the episode like this. Matt is probably to scared of Reby to cheat on her. Kim is delusional as hell if she believes Randy stopped scanning the crowd for girls to smash after he met her that way. And Giovanna is lucky she didn’t get Kurt when he was a turned up .. drug addicted, woman beating (allegedly) hot ass mess.

Here are a couple of take a ways from that episode.


Giovanna expressed how she felt left out because of the New York connection that Kim and Reby have.

Reby is from Queens and Kim, who was born in Brooklyn moved there when she was 12. Reby is all New Yawk 24/7 but Kim voice wavers back and fourth. One minute she sounds like a suburban soccer mom, trying to put on a fake ass proper voice. But then out comes that strong New Yawk accent. Living in Missouri people ask her all the time where she is from.


Kim had the greatest WAG proposal of them all… Reby & Giovanna – not so much.

Reby was funny as hell throughout the episode, especially when Kim talked about Randy’s proposal. Giovanna pretended to take off her earrings to team up with Reby to fight her, because Reby’s proposal was garbage compared to Kim’s. Garbage was exactly how Reby described Matt finally asking her to marry him. She kept complaining how old she was getting without a ring – soo Matt finally asked her while they were in bed. Reby said she is still waiting for a proper proposal.

With Giovanna, the matching tattoos, pregnancy, marriage proposal and finally the marriage itself with Kurt happened a little bit to fast. Kim’s proposal was videotaped in Bora Bora, with Stay by Rihanna playing and fireworks went off afterwards. Kim had a feeling Randy was going to propose and they were in a hut for like 11 days. She said he was being a little a*shole by pretending to propose but said her shoe was untied. When he finally proposed he told her how great she is to Alanna & how much he loves her boys. Randy also played Stay for after their daughter was born, while he was rocking her.


Matt and Kurt have no boundaries when it comes to fans – unlike Randy

Reby said that Matt is a very social person who wants to be recognized, because he will wear a wrestling T shirt. Randy is guilty of same thing, when he wanted to wear a Rey shirt. Kurt also has zero problem with taking pics with fans, no matter what. Kim said when she 1st got with Randy people were handing her the phone for pics. Now she is the wife, she reminds fans she is longer the photographer and of course we know that Randy doesn’t hesitate to tell fans he is with his family. Giovanna then tells Kim Kurt should talk to Randy regarding how to handle fans while he is out in public. Kim says Randy has this rep as a A-hole, she doesn’t see it because he is the sweetest/kindest person … surre Kim – we believe you.


 Reby, Giovanna & Kim on how they met their husbands Рguess who came off like a total ring rat.

Giovanna was hung over and asked to do a favor for her best friend’s dad. It was extra work on a film and she had to be up really early. At the wrap up party, in walks Kurt and she said it was like a light surrounded him.

She also had no idea who he was. Kurt later got her number from someone else and the rest was history. Kim was telling people for three years, if she and Randy Orton ever made out they would fall in love. She came off like a total obsessed fan, soo it’s obvious she knew exactly who he was.

No doubt her big chance to be seen by him was at a WWE show in Poughkeepsie. Randy enters the ring & starts to look around, the girl sitting next to Kim says “he keeps staring at you” he finally walked up to her and said ” what is your name, I need to know what is this all about” as he is saying this – he is outlining her body¬† with his hands.

Kim is trying to play it cool on the outside but inside she is happy as hell – after all it is a ring rat dream come true. Kim did mention that she put it in the universe during those 3 years, and Randy hasn’t been back to Poughkeepsie since, so it’s destiny.

A wrestling fan on Twitter thought that Reby & Matt should be together and they finally met up at a show he did in Poughkeepsie of all places and they have been inseparable ever since. Before Giovanna told her story Reby jokingly told her they better not have met in Poughkeepsie.

Reby appeared to be less willing to sugar coat WAG life – unlike the others

You got the feeling if this wasn’t WWE TV & Reby was asked about the dark side of being a WAG, she would be honest … Unlike Giovanna, who appeared to choose her words carefully & especially Kim who lives in fairytale land. Reby also admitted that she doesn’t mind being away from Matt because it’s good to have her own space. Giovanna did allude to the other side of Wagdom at the very end when she mentioned pain as the 1st thing in regards to a lifestyle that only the others could understand. In all it was a good episode – if the WWE decides to do a sequel, the only wife they should ask back is Reby.

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