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IDGAF: Shayna Baszler Puts An Annoying WWE Fan In Their Place

Some WWE fans appear to be living in a continuous loop of 1984. Then WWE TV was a PG as you can get .....

Seth Rollins’ Ex Zahra Schreiber Is Using Sonya Deville

The latest Hall of Fame member of the Hustling Backwards class of 2018 is Zahra Schreiber. She put in more work smashing Seth Rollins than she ever did trying to advance to the main roster in the WWE and it got her nowhere, except a pink slip and employment in shitty wrestling organizations

Zahra has no one to blame but herself for the reckless keyboard f*ckery that made the WWE future endeavor her.  But the one thing that a leech like Zahra managed to maintain is connections in the WWE.

And typical of a user – she made sure she used her friendship with Paige to weasel her way back into the WWE. Sooo what do you do when no other male in the WWE is desperate enough to smash and your ex doesn’t want you anymore ..

Well you go to the other side and start dating a woman on the main roster so you can hover around your ex who moved on long ago.

And we have Paige to thank for the second lifeline that Zahra got in the WWE because she has been dating Sonya Deville for a couple of months.

Well played Zahra well played .. you’re still fired but and we all saw what you did there at the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame … when you made sure Seth’s latest girlfriend Sarah saw you standing near her.


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