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IDGAF: Shayna Baszler Puts An Annoying WWE Fan In Their Place

Some WWE fans appear to be living in a continuous loop of 1984. Then WWE TV was a PG as you can get .....

He Said, She Said: The WWE Denies Ashley Massaro Rape Claims

The WWE’s actions after Ashley Massaro’s death on May 16th told us everything we needed to know .. regarding how they operate in damage control mode.

Her body wasn’t even cold yet before they were telling anyone who would listen that Ashley sent them an e-mail on Oct 20th, 2018 – one month after the class action lawsuit was dismissed that claimed the WWE was negligent and responsible for neurological injuries. It came off as a skeevy PR move on the WWE’s part but it was clear they were trying to get ahead of the story before the mainstream media picked up on it.

Days later the full affidavit from Ashley detailing her sexual assault surfaced online and the details are sickening, especially when it’s apparent that another woman was in on the whole thing.

While on tour in Kuwait with the WWE in 2007, Ashley had painful menstrual cramps. She was taken back to the military base and administered an IV. Then a man – claiming to be a US army doctor wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt appeared with a woman dressed in army fatigues. He then inserted a 2nd IV in Ashley’s other arm and took her to another room afterwards. The women who was his accomplice guarded the door while the man raped and sodomized Ashley.

Two things are clear from Ashley’s affidavit: Vince and other WWE executives cared about two things – money and their reputation. Also there were at least a dozen or so people who were aware of what happened.

One of them is Maria Kanellis – who Ashley confided in after she was raped. But it’s pretty obvious as long as Maria and her husband are employed by the WWE, her lips will remain sealed. As for the WWE, they didn’t exactly call a dead woman a liar .. but they came close to it by pointing the finger at the sanctioned attorney handling Ashley’s case – Konstantine Kyros. The WWE can deny the rape claims all they want but the affidavit speaks for itself, it is to detailed for one to dismiss it as outright lies.


Link To Ashley’s affidavit

Link to WWE’s denial of Ashley’s rape claims

The WWE’s email about Ashley’s apology

Long after Ashley Massaro filed an affidavit, which WWE only learned of the contents after she passed away, Ashley sent an email to WWE on Oct. 20, 2018 – approximately one month after the Court dismissed all claims against WWE and sanctioned the lawyer who brought the suit against WWE, Konstantine Kyros, for repeated misconduct including pursuing false allegations. Below are a number of excerpts from her letter to WWE:

“I love WWE, you all were my family the whole time I was there…”

“The lawsuit got out of control very fast-I had been roped in by the lawyer representing the others…”

“I apologize that I was part of this class action suit and knew it was a bad idea but was convinced by the lawyer and I want to acknowledge that I should’ve contacted you guys before agreeing to be involved-i was basically poached. But I accept my part of the responsibility and just want to formerly apologize and express my regret.”

“You all changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful…”

“Can you express my sincerest regret to Vince, Stephanie, Hunter and Kevin Dunn.”

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