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IDGAF: Shayna Baszler Puts An Annoying WWE Fan In Their Place

Some WWE fans appear to be living in a continuous loop of 1984. Then WWE TV was a PG as you can get .....

Vince McMahon’s Ego Wouldn’t Allow Him To Postpone WrestleMania 36

It’s no secret that WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon is a control freak, he would rather have his talent perform in an empty Performance Center for Live TV and deliver a crappy product for the fans, instead of sending all of them home to be with their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of the so called “legitimate” sports organizations like the NBA, NCAA and NHL have either canceled or postponed their games. But a defiant 74 year old tone deaf CEO of a sports entertainment organization who failed to read the room is standing firm with his decision to air WrestleMania 36 in a empty room and other locations.

The man who hates people sneezing in front of him because it’s something he can’t control and isn’t used to hearing the word NO is clearly sending a message that he will not let COVID-19 control him. But if you are aware of Vince’s history going forward with WM 36 makes total sense. This is the same man who went forward with the Over the Edge PPV in 1999 after Owen Hart fell to his death. Reportedly Vince also considered it appropriate for WrestleMania 36 to take place in an empty Raymond James Stadium. One would think if he had enough sense to cancel the XFL’s season he would do the same for the WWE.

But the WWE is Vince’s cash cow and pigs will fly before he would let his wrestlers have a off season. The huge crowd no doubt helped make WrestleMania THE big event of the WWE and starting today we will see if WrestleMania 36 will rank as one of the best or join WrestleMania 9 and other stinkers for being one of the worst ever.

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