Monday, July 15, 2024

IDGAF: Shayna Baszler Puts An Annoying WWE Fan In Their Place

Some WWE fans appear to be living in a continuous loop of 1984. Then WWE TV was a PG as you can get .....

Weekend Shade: Cena Vs Styles, HBK & HHH, Orton’s, Nikki Bella & More

1. The side-eye of the month goes to John Cena, who decided to put another wrestler over in the sunset of his career.

We know that before Cena became a resident of the Shady Pines Retirement home A.K.A Smackdown Live, he tired his best to sabotage anyone that came near his spot. Now Cena wants to take an L against AJ – when he knows damn well that the win doesn’t carry the weight it once did. Wade Barrett does not approve of his message.


2. Wrestling as a business has come a long way. At one time – you were supposed to keep up your gimmick even in public. But today the lines are blurred so much that Renee Young called Nikki Bella by her government name after Carmella attacked her on Talking Smack. (starts around 1:28)


3. How much you wanna bet that a certain blonde wig wearing, freeloading, failed rapper cuzzo is more bothered by the fact that a wrestler will think of him as a pathetic moocher – than he is by that N word he can’t stop writing.


4. Isn’t it ironic don’t cha think: HHH & HBK in their prime were the biggest sabotaging a*sholes in the WWF/E. Fast forward to 2016 and it looks like the both of them are joining forces to nurture new talent at the WWE performance center.


5. Acting like a 75 yr old backwoods Kentucky couple Randy “Pa” Orton – took “Mom” Kim to get her ring cleaned. And speaking of clean, Randy’s tongue will no doubt be working overtime cleaning other things on that bus in due time.




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  1. My engagement ring cost more than her $3800 ring, their $13000 wedding, and her $600 wedding dress put together. From what I heard Sam ring was almost $100000.

  2. My engagement ring cost more than her $3800 ring, their $13000 wedding, and her $600 wedding dress put together. From what I heard Sam ring was almost $100000.


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